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Days and days and days we get to wait in,
Shaved, betrayed, afraid and out of patience,
We the subjectees of this abduction,
Watched as our species was experimented on

Wake up and shake yer cage
Coz you know there's a supermoon tonight
And we must all escape
While there's still a chance
I'd rather fight a fox,
Than to remain in this nightmare all my life,
And its got to the point where its
Just too much to stand,

----An if we can get out,
Then maybe we can find somewhere
To get back underground
And finally relax
So now as one we crash
Headlong into the walls until
We look around to find
Our prisons all lie smashed----

Down the corridor the windows open,
Out into the night, our eyes awoken,
Far from home but none the less surviving,
Lab rabbits buzzin on the taste of freedom

Over the next few weeks,
The threat of danger was always in our minds,
Hanging there like a cloud
Waiting to rain misery,
But in the end the realization it dawned on us in time,
That we were alone,except for the grass and the trees.

----And those born after this
Will never know what foxes are
And much less scientists
Like neither ever were
Oh but once in a while
Whenever there's a supermoon,
Our descendants may well feel something in them stir----


from Too​.​Long​.​Dint​.​Read, released March 28, 2017




Winston Macabre Sheffield, UK

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