by Winston Macabre

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released March 28, 2017




Winston Macabre Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Stay outta the woods
Stay Outta The Woods

Old Poppa Joe,
Knew way more than anyone would ever wanna know
Lived his life on the land,
With a far-away look in his eyes and dirty hands
And on the day that he passed,
He stuttered out the words that it turned out would be his last
He said, "Kid,
Stay outta the woods, stay outta the woods, stay outta the woods,
They're not for you."

Sweet Lucy Claire,
Always gave off the impression she was only half there
Wore long sleeves in the sun
And dated a load of guys but never really seemed to find the one
But when she did find a mate
They'd always suggest, "How bout a picnic for a date?"
And she'd reply with a glare
"OK sure, but
Stay outta the woods, stay outta the woods stay outta the woods
There's something there..."

Kids in the town
Have a million different stories bout the shit that goes down
As strange smells, shapes and lights
Have been known to be seen around these parts at night
It's like the spirit of the trees
Casts its spell across this whole community
And now the one thing you'll understand, look
Stay outta the woods, stay outta the woods, stay outta the woods
It's out of hand

Outta the
Track Name: Winston Macabre
As machines read the diaries we don't know we're writing
Alone on the beach of each digital island
There's some can't forget what the rest can't remember
A boat made of glass on an ocean of answers

The hive mind's eye in a triangle
Falls like a drug from the sky, seem to find ourselves
Paying for all our free time
Like the sun didn't shine but I'm

Just not sure that letting the cat out the bag worked
It looks kind of faint like the ghost of an advert
And our boss in a box needs an upgrade of shoutware
Like as if the future was ever about fair or

Moving on, we'd be eating the
Curtains, is that what you want? No, it isn't. Now
Get your clown costume back on,
Drink it down like a bomb

They're only your eyes, love, you don't have to use em
The man in the sky would say, it's confusing
And the battle goes on for as long as we're losing
Balancing conviction out with prostitution

The dice of days keep on rolling till
Every last rainbow turns grey, it's a monster we
All wait for Santa to slay
But our hopes are betrayed.
Track Name: T.L.D.R
Well I really don't mean
What it looks like I mean
Though I know it might seem like that
If you just looked at the screen
But I really don't feel
How you'd have thought that I feel
And I only just realized
Now I'm stuck in between

In this age of information
Instant miscommunication
Can be so goddam frustrating
To the more inclined to intimate interpretation
All of these frozen moments
Holding on
Waiting for a response
Have had their context stolen
Spluttered out by a robotic tongue


Half my whole communication
Is intoned
And dictated by a system
Of unknowns
But a sentence loses all its soul in the sent box
When what's then got's shown
I'll be hammering the keyboard tryin to delete
What I already wrote


Track Name: Sad Socks
Set their precedents
With popes and presidents
It seems self evident
The dreams that tether them are
Burning away, turning to day
Parading dazed to fade

Ah sad socks the truth hurts bad
Tell your stories in a plastic bag

The rat-like regimen
Of traps with treasure in
And crap re-editing
Of maps and medicine
The end of the start, pen to the heart
Friend in the dark of everything

Ah sad socks it all went wrong
Got yourself wondering where you've gone.
Track Name: Supermoon
Days and days and days we get to wait in,
Shaved, betrayed, afraid and out of patience,
We the subjectees of this abduction,
Watched as our species was experimented on

Wake up and shake yer cage
Coz you know there's a supermoon tonight
And we must all escape
While there's still a chance
I'd rather fight a fox,
Than to remain in this nightmare all my life,
And its got to the point where its
Just too much to stand,

----An if we can get out,
Then maybe we can find somewhere
To get back underground
And finally relax
So now as one we crash
Headlong into the walls until
We look around to find
Our prisons all lie smashed----

Down the corridor the windows open,
Out into the night, our eyes awoken,
Far from home but none the less surviving,
Lab rabbits buzzin on the taste of freedom

Over the next few weeks,
The threat of danger was always in our minds,
Hanging there like a cloud
Waiting to rain misery,
But in the end the realization it dawned on us in time,
That we were alone,except for the grass and the trees.

----And those born after this
Will never know what foxes are
And much less scientists
Like neither ever were
Oh but once in a while
Whenever there's a supermoon,
Our descendants may well feel something in them stir----
Track Name: Adidas Tears
Migration needs an 'im' these day
I'm allowed, you're not
Human traffic only goes one way
They line 'em up along the docks
Some arrive from Nestle Land
Or Coca-Cola Bay
And they come over here
With their Adidas tears
They're like, "Can we come in?"
We're like, "No fuckin way!"

So there's obviously an argument
They say their hands are tied
And if you'd ever been to Googletown
You wouldn't question as to why
The Reebok family
And Mrs Microsoft
Had to leave their whole lives
And their culture behind
For the streets paved with gold
That are blatantly not

At the border there's a truck held up
With 20 Nikeees in the back
All the way from ProctoGamblia
Where the world's still flat
And employment grows on trees
But has to be sold off
To afford the parades
That they have every day
Celebrating the fact
That they're everyone's boss

And then the aliens land
And turn around and do you know what?
As far as they're concerned
We're a galactic laughing stock
The only customer here's the shop.
Track Name: You People
My inner misanthrope is putting on a show
If I was in control
You and everyone you know would be the first to go
Alas it's not to be ,so still you're bugging me
I'd like to say to the rest of humanity

You people are all insane
A runaway god damn train
You've only yourselves to blame
For the state this world's in
Yeah I'll say it again
You people are so messed up
I'm here going, "What the fuck?"
You act like you want things shit
I'm disowning the lot of you, godammit, that's it!

You boring bunch of cunts with all your bombs and guns
And fake expressions on
Blathering in acronyms and fucking emoticons
If I could have my way I'd send you all to space
You don't deserve this world
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

You are all insane
A runaway god damn train
You've only yourselves to blame
For the state this world's in
Yeah I'll say it again
You people are so messed up
I'm here going, "What the fuck?"
You act like you want things shit
I'm disowning the lot of you, godammit, that's it!
Track Name: Bob's yer uncle
You'll be alright, lad
You'll be a light that,shines on all you meet
Connects with and completes
I know the world's fucked
But this is all just,a dangerous mirage
No-one's really in charge
An by the fruit you'll know the tree
A symmetry of centuries
We see what we believe ourselves to be

So take it easy
Don't let the drama drain your inner peace
Stick with the ones who give you energy
And if the situation sucks then leave
We're taught to carry weight that isn't ours
And innocently give our power
But every person is a universe
And one's blessing is another's curse

Yeah most are lost here
And they do not hear the music of the stars
Since fear deafened their hearts
I wish you wonders,
May you go on to learn to love the rain
And grow strong from your pain
To satisfy these appetites for apoplectic archetypes
That crack pipe filled with Kryptonite
Called being in the right

And on the darkest of nights
Here in the shadow of death there is life
May you always be gifted with the sight
To see the rainbow between black and white
And I'm no role model, god what a joke!,
But I'll be here for you if you need owt
May you know all on this earth as your tribe,
And what it is to truly be alive.......